Max & Lea Lockboard
Max & Lea Lockboard
Max & Lea Lockboard
Max & Lea Lockboard

Max & Lea Lockboard

Max & Lea Lockboard

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? LOCKBOARD: A Superb Educational Toy to Develop mastery of closures, dexterity, and stimulate children's awareness. ?
? 2 years to 6 years
✅ CE certified from 3 years old

❤️ The LockBoard, a real wooden busyboard, has been designed to develop the ingenuity of each child:
- Develop fine motor skills
- Work on your patience and agility
- Improve your intellectual skills
- Develop eye-hand coordination
- Work on the precision of your movements
- Learn while having fun

✅ A complete awakening and learning toy:

⚙ REALISTIC TOY: Find 7 different closures from the adult world and adapted to the little ones, which will allow the child to discover mechanisms that he will encounter as he grows up

? EDUCATIONAL TOY: The different closures of this BusyBoard allow children to work on fine motor skills and improve their skills while having fun. The different options available improve the dexterity of small hands.

? COORDINATION: The closing mechanisms, but also the gear and the forms to be embedded allow the psychomotor development of children.

?? EVOLVING TOOL: An evolving tool designed for the awakening of young and old alike. The different types of more or less complex locks and latches adapt to the different stages of the child's development

? LEARNING: The LockBoard allows children to have fun and promotes their learning and understanding of the different mechanisms

? CREATIVITY: the different closures, more or less complex, have been designed to develop creativity and imagination

? SAFE DESIGN: The LockBoard meets the highest European safety standards. The different parts are suitable for little hands and the metal parts are guaranteed to be free of sharp edges

? WOODEN TOY: The LockBoard is made entirely of wood. Meticulous work and careful manufacturing for maximum durability


? For 2-3 years old
- He works his skill
- He discovers and opens the first locks
- He marvels at the sight of the hidden elements
- It improves his hand-eye coordination
- He develops his creativity

? For 3-4 years old
- It refines its motor skills
- He develops his autonomy
- He makes his imagination work
- He practices opening more complex locks
- He recognizes animals and characters

? For 4-6 years old
- It improves its concentration
- It opens the most complex locks
- It understands how the clasps work
- He matches the locks and mechanisms of the LockBoard to his daily life
- He integrates his LockBoard into his gaming environment

? What the children learned with the BusyBag
- Master the precision of his movements
- Work on your patience and agility
- Mastering simple closures
- Master complex closures
- Develop your creativity
- Pleasure of playing

??? Soft colors and childish images make the LockBoard a toy that will accompany your child throughout his development.


- 100% Secure: 100% Compliance with European Toy Safety requirements. Sizes and shapes of parts in accordance with official safety templates

- 100% Eco-Friendly: 100% Wood and 100% Natural. Ecological water-based paint & varnish

- 100% Quality: Designed and drawn in France. Neat finishes. Robust design and quality of materials

- 100% awakening: Thought for the Psychomotor development of the child. Playful and entertaining


44 x 35 centimetres

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