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    Flyte was created to move, just like little kids. Think of all the places these days where kids need to go and think about how much more fun and convenient it would be if they want to help pack their stuff themselves and then even transport it for you. They are scooting their stuff from Terminal A to Terminal D -- and loving every moment of it.

    All their stuff in scooter? That’s amazing.

    Flyte is lightweight. Flyte is sturdy. Flyte is compact. It truly is quite an invention. It’s hard to know if moms and dads will love it more --or kids. We guess you’ll have to see for yourself!

    Little kids have a tough time choosing which one fits their personality. And don’t be surprised if you get your fair share of envious onlookers as your panda is scooting through the terminal or down the sidewalk.

    Sometimes walking is highly overrated. Especially when you can scoot! Flyte took two things that are usually tough for parents and grandparents, packing and traveling with young kids -- then turned both into fun. With Flyte, kids are more likely to help pack and definitely eager to scoot whenever you say “Let’s go.” Not an easy accomplishment! But Flyte did it.

    Flyte is not a toy. But don’t tell them that. One last thing. It’s easy to talk about the fun scootering part of Flyte. But Flyte meets all general hand luggage standards when traveling. The Midi scooter itself can hold up to 110 lbs. and the Mini 44 lbs, while we recommend a maximum of 11 lbs of luggage in the cases.

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