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    Little Dutch is a family business that has its origins in an attic and has since developed into a company with over 45 employees. Founder Rinke van der Helm: “When I was pregnant with our eldest child, I was looking for lovely accessories for the nursery. Because I couldn't find them, I started making my own lamps. I received lots of positive reactions from my environment. Seeing how these products make parents and children so happy was amazing, and it made me want more. Conveying love through beautiful, loving and unique products and to add a little extra family joy still is the key drive behind everything we do at Little Dutch. I am incredibly proud that Little Dutch has grown from that one lamp into an international label with an extensive assortment for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

    Little Dutch is all about love and family.
    About everyday rituals or unexpected moments. About daily routines and new adventures. From playing and sleeping to caring and entertaining.

    With beautifully designed, comfortable quality products, we aim to make every small or big step in a child’s development more enjoyable, and we hope to support both mums and dads through the many challenges of parenthood.

    Little Dutch is an infinite pursuit of family happiness.

    It’s our dream to become a worthy addition to growing children and their parents, day and night. During early childhood, we aim to inspire with versatile and loving products that add more happiness to the first years of every child’s life.

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