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    "Does it last a long time?" "A phrase you won't hear often anymore thanks to these completely magical little toys.

    Tiny Magic is a Belgian brand whose concept is unique and completely new: small toys to take away easily, light and compact to use when you go to a restaurant, when you get on a plane, a train, or quite simply when you pass a unexpected evening with friends. Ideal because it's battery-free and kids can have fun using their imaginations. It was a mother of twins who invented this because she still wanted to go to a restaurant without having to give a tablet or bring lots of toys. There is the version with the circuit of cars and its 3 small wooden cars, the drawing book, the dollhouse and its small family, the vet and his 2 doctors and the small animals, and the fairy country. Come and discover this world filled with joy and imagination that offers hours of fun for little ones.

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