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    I was born one night when the ground was covered in white, maybe that is why I like watching snow. I raised in a little country house where I spent the whole day in the street, climbing trees or riding my bicycle. Since I adopted my first kitty at the age of 12 I have always had cats. Now I live in Gijón (in the north of Spain), here it does not snow but there is a beach, which I also like very much; I keep on riding my bicycle but I do not climb so many trees and I have cats again, not one, not two, not three but… four!

    I studied Advertising Graphic Design in the Oviedo Art School and I worked as a designer for 10 years, until it came the day when I thought that it was better to design for the best costumers: children. Then it was born Lauvely, my little brand of design, illustration and knitted toys. And I created a bunch of new friends.

    How I got to make knitted toys I don’t know, maybe it was because my mom has always enjoyed knitting. I remember one day that she brought home a knitting machine, but it stayed a little because it did not work. Now I have one that it does work! Or maybe because when Ariadna (a friend’s daughter) was born I gifted her a random toy that became her best friend. It was called Lula and she carried it everywhere. I have always regretted that that toy was not such special as she deserved. Now she has a mermaid named after her and this one is special!

    One way or another here I am now, designing, knitting, sewing and embroidering in companion of my four cats…

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