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    The Story behind GoBabyGo

    GoBabyGo was founded in 2013 because I needed products that could help improve my child’s motor skills. My third child, Emil, was born two months premature after a severe case of pre-eclampsia and weighed only 1400 grams at his birth. He was a fighter and after a month in the hospital we could come home. Though he quickly caught up with other children his age, he needed extra help with his motor skills and balance.

    Studies show that good motor skills strengthen the child, both socially and academically, throughout its childhood, so I went on a mission. I read everything I could find on the subject and consulted motor skill experts and pediatric physiotherapists to give him the best support. I realized that there was a need in the marked for a range of clothing that could help children starting to crawl and walk.

    I designed the range with unique rubber-pads that prevent children from sliding on slippery surfaces, making them more confident as they go along.

    A child who can move around without sliding on slippery surfaces, can explore the world and devote its energy to play and learn new things. It is all about giving your child the best conditions to conquer the world.

    Our vision
    The vision behind GoBabyGo is to develop products that stimulate children’s motor skills, language and learning. We believe that most children, premature or not, will benefit from a little extra help and support, and we therefore work hard to create unique products that will inspire to play, be active and having fun together.

    Our production
    The GoBabyGo crawling range is designed in Denmark, produced in Lithuania and is of course Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. It is the world’s leading certification for textiles, and it means that our products are tested for harmful substances and chemicals.

    We only use the best materials, and our products are repeatedly tested to make sure that they have the right PH-value for our children’s sensitive skin.

    It takes more than 13 different steps to create a pair of tights – all made by hand. We are proud of our products and very pleased to have won “Best in Test” many times for our quality and great functionality.

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