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    BANANROCKET was created from a need to spend more time with my kids. Time without distractions or interruptions. Without unlocking my phone. Without… sorry-just-replying-to-this-email-give-me-two-seconds-right-where-were-we? Time to focus, completely and utterly, on my beautiful growing boys.

    Banan and Rocket are based on my own children, Leon and Albert. Who, just like your awesome little humans, are individuals with their own sparkling superpowers. My boys are polar opposites. Leon, like Banan is self-assured, logical, and sweet. Albert, like Rocket, is wild, impulsive, and brimming with ideas. It’s thrilling to watch their personalities emerge and learn to champion them as unique beings, wildly cheering their differences and nurturing their energy at every opportunity.

    BANANROCKET helps me put more quality into the time that we spend together. Like many mums, I’m pulled in different directions, spinning plates as I go, my phone always in my hand. During lockdown, I’d cook with my 4-year-old. And as I swiped to check the recipe, I felt his frustration at being so disconnected from the experience. I wanted my curious and creative boys to be at the heart of our family time. So I turned the kitchen tables, with a product that allows our kids to confidently navigate the activity and lead us along the cooking journey.

    Now, we, as a family, embrace cooking in all its playful, flour-on-the-ceiling glory and I feel, at last, like we are creating something good together.

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