Re-Write Re-Imagine Story Series........ Coming Soon: Earn with Lola

May 20, 2024by Learning Bugs

Re-Write Re-Imagine Story Series

Coming Soon:

Calling All Super Story Spinners! Re-Write, Re-Imagine, WIN with Learning Bugs!

Free Story Book when you Purchase A Journal.

Tired of the Same Old Bedtime Routine? Is your little one ready to unleash their inner author and be crowned the Learning Bugs Super Story Spinner Champion? Learning Bugs has the cure for the reading blues! We're buzzing with exciting adventures for curious minds, filled with fire-breathing dragons, stomping dinosaurs, and daring quests! ⚔️

Calling All Creative Critters! Unleash your inner author and illustrator with our epic challenge! Here's how to join the fun and become a published author:

  1. Grab a Wacky & Wonderful Learning Bugs Storybook! (We have a whole jungle of them to choose from!) Explore our website to discover a world of fantastical tales waiting to be reimagined!
  2. Snuggle Up & Spark Your Imagination! Cuddle up with a grown-up or a friend and dive into a Learning Bugs story. Let your imagination run wild!
  3. Become the Mastermind Behind a Brand New Adventure! What if the brave knight chose a different path? Could the mischievous fairy cause even more magical mayhem? Re-write the ending, the whole story, or just add an ending or even illustrate your own creative twist on the blank page opposite each story! ✍️
  4. Submit Your Masterpiece & Tell Us Why You Love Learning Bugs! Tell us why you love Learning Bugs books and why your reimagined story deserves to be crowned the ultimate cliffhanger (or happily ever after)!

The Top Story Spinner Will Be Crowned Champion & Win BIG! Here's what awaits our champion:

  • Become a Published Author! Your story will be published and shine brightly on our website for everyone to see! Be a real, published author! ✨ 
  • A Prize Pack Overflowing with Fantastic Learning Bugs Books! Stock up on even more adventures to fuel your imagination!
  • £50 Cash to Celebrate Your Creativity!
  • A Whopping £50 Amazon Voucher to Treat Yourself (or Maybe Buy More Books!)
  • (And the Grand Prize!) Your Very Own Printed Book with Your Story Inside! Imagine seeing your name on the cover! Plus, you'll get copies to share with friends and family and brag about your writing prowess!

Spread the Word & Let's Spark Imagination! The more the merrier (and the more stories to read!). Tell your friends and family about the Learning Bugs Super Story Spinners Challenge! Let's turn bedtime into a magical world of creativity and imagination together! ✨

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