My stomach churned like a washing machine on spin cycle

Jun 14, 2024by Learning Bugs

My stomach churned like a washing machine on spin cycle. Leo, the coolest kid in class, had invited me to his birthday party. But birthdays meant crowds, noise, and... cake. I hated cake. The gooey frosting, the mushy sponge – yuck!

Mom noticed my frown. "Feeling overwhelmed, superstar?" she asked, using the words from my new journal: "Tools for Kids to Thrive, Big Feelings? No Biggie!"

I nodded, showing her the empty "Happy!" section. This journal was different from the others. It had sections like "Feeling Yucky" and "Calm Down Countdown." Maybe it could help.

Mom pointed to a page with a comic strip. A little girl felt anxious about a presentation, but then practiced deep breaths and felt calmer. I tried it, picturing myself taking a deep breath in through my nose (like smelling a yummy flower) and letting it out slowly (like blowing bubbles). It actually helped!

Next, I filled out the "Things I Like" section. Video games, sure, but I also loved drawing comics. Maybe I could draw a birthday card for Leo instead of eating cake? I sketched a funny comic about a superhero saving a birthday cake from a villain named "Soggy Frosting." It looked awesome!

At the party, the noise still made my ears buzz, but I focused on Leo opening presents. When cake time arrived, my heart pounded. Then, I remembered the "Plan B" section in my journal. I presented my comic card to Leo. His eyes widened.

"This is amazing!" he exclaimed. "Can I keep it?"

Suddenly, everyone wanted to see my drawing. I spent the rest of the party telling stories through my comics, feeling a little less yucky and a whole lot more awesome. As for cake, well, nobody seemed to notice that I politely declined.

Later that night, I filled out the "Feeling Great!" section. My journal wasn't just about bad feelings; it had tools to make good feelings even better. Maybe Leo wouldn't be the only one getting a comic card next time.

Thanks to my "Big Feelings? No Biggie!" journal, I learned that even the yuckiest situations could have a happy ending. All it took was a little planning, some creativity, and a sprinkle of superhero confidence!

Here you go

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