Move and Groove: A Fun and Active Programme for 4-7 Year Olds

May 9, 2024by Learning Bugs

Move and Groove: A Fun and Active Programme for 4-7 Year Olds

Keeping young children active isn't just about structured workouts – it's about creating a love for movement and having fun! This programme focuses on engaging activities that disguise exercise as play, keeping your 4-7 year olds moving and grooving without feeling like a chore.

Warm-Up Wiggles (5 Minutes):

    • Animal Walk Safari: Pretend to be different animals and move like them. Waddle like penguins, hop like bunnies, swing like monkeys, and slink like snakes!
    • Shake Your Sillies Out: Play upbeat music and encourage your child to shake every part of their body – their arms, legs, heads, and even their silly wiggles!

Active Adventures (20-30 Minutes):

    • Obstacle Course Challenge: Set up a simple obstacle course using pillows, blankets, chairs, and toys. Have them crawl under tunnels, climb over pillows, and jump over obstacles. Time them for an extra challenge!
    • Dance Party Extravaganza: Turn on their favorite music and have a dance party! Jump, twirl, wiggle, and shake those hips! You can even add props like scarves or ribbons for extra fun.
    • Follow the Leader Freeze: Take turns being the leader and guide everyone through different movements – jumping jacks, high knees, tiptoes, or silly walks. Then call out "freeze" and everyone has to hold their position until the next leader starts.
    • Treasure Hunt Twist: Plan a scavenger hunt around the house or garden. Hide small toys or treats and incorporate movement into the clues. For example, "Do 10 jumping jacks to find the next clue!"

Cool-Down Corner (5 Minutes):

    • Yoga for Little Yogis: Introduce basic yoga poses like downward facing dog, mountain pose, and child's pose. Explain how yoga helps us stretch and relax after exercise.
    • Breathing Buddies: Have your child lie down comfortably and place a stuffed animal on their belly. Ask them to take slow, deep breaths and watch their "breathing buddy" rise and fall with each breath.


    • Keep it Short and Sweet: Attention spans for young children are short, so aim for activities that last 15-30 minutes.
    • Make it Fun!: Use playful language, upbeat music, and positive reinforcement to keep your child engaged.
    • Lead by Example: Show your enthusiasm for exercise! Participate in the activities with your child and show them how much fun it can be to be active.
    • Variety is Key: Rotate through different activities to keep things interesting and prevent boredom.

Bonus Tip: Incorporate movement into everyday routines! Turn chores into mini-games, walk to the park instead of driving, or have dance breaks between homework time.

This programme provides a framework, but feel free to adjust the activities to suit your child's interests and abilities. The most important thing is to create a joyful and active environment, encouraging your little ones to develop a lifelong love for movement and stay healthy!

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