Every child has the essence of curiosity inside! What is Mummy doing in the kitchen? Maybe Daddy needs help on the dining table? Convertible helper tower.

May 8, 2024by steve rowley

Ette Tete produce beautiful, handmade children's toys and furniture. Rooted in Montessori and Pikler philosophies, you can be sure their toys will benefit both children and parents.

To clean only use soap and water and a soft clothe.

NEVER leave your child un-attended whilst they are using the Step 'n' Sit, Help Tower and Climbing frames.

Any Child can only use when only an adult is present.


Shades of Colour may differ depending on how and what you view the products on.

As these products are made from soft wood and painted, if used on a hard surface then its best practice to add some form of soft/rubber protection to the underside of the point of contact with the hard surface to avoid the paint marking etc, use either stick on felt pads or screw on pads.

We can supply these if required free of charge.

Please remember to check the screws and fixings at least every two weeks to make sure they are tight.

To be double safe we recommend a child type safety harness/strap should your child move around, whilst in the chair ( the unit does not come with this).

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