Effort Makes Me Awesome

Jun 16, 2024by Learning Bugs

Sarah slumped at the kitchen table, staring at her math worksheet. Numbers swam before her eyes. Fractions? More like confusions! Just then, Mum slid a bright red notebook across the table. It had a sparkly ladybug on the cover and bold letters that read: "Effort Makes Me Awesome!"

Sarah peeked inside. Blank pages stared back, but the next one had a comic strip. A little girl sat hunched over a desk, a grumpy cloud floating above her head. The caption read: "Feeling Frustrated?" Sarah nodded, mirroring the girl's frown.

Turning the page, she saw the frustrated girl take a deep breath and start drawing. The grumpy cloud transformed into a happy sun! Below it, another caption: "Deep breaths help me focus!"

Sarah grabbed a pen, taking a deep breath herself. It felt better already. She started on the first problem, her mind a little clearer. Every time she got stuck, she'd open the journal. It had sections like "Things That Stump Me" and "Awesome Effort Strategies." She listed fractions as a "stumper" and wrote down "deep breaths" and "drawing a picture" as her awesome efforts.

Later, at the park, Sarah saw Leo practicing his skateboard tricks. He kept falling, landing with a frustrated groan. Sarah remembered her journal. She ran back and grabbed a page, ripping it out. On it, she drew Leo landing a perfect trick with a crowd cheering. "This is what you can do!" she wrote, handing it to him.

Leo grinned. "Thanks, Sarah! This is awesome!" He took a deep breath, pushed off, and landed the trick perfectly – just like in the drawing! Sarah's heart soared.

That night, under the covers, Sarah filled out her journal. "Things I Learned Today" included fractions (a little!) and helping friends. She knew that even when things got tough, all it took was a little effort and a sprinkle of belief to make her awesome. And maybe, just maybe, the "Effort Makes Me Awesome" journal could help others too.

Here we go

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