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    Sweetest Fidgets creates Fidget toy boxes perfect for children and adults of all ages. Fidget's are toys designed specifically to keep both hands and the mind busy to allow for better focus and relief of nervous/anxious energy. They have been popular amongst children and adults for many years! Sweetest Fidgets was created by Jaelyn in 2022 who decided that she wanted to share her love for fidgets with the world! She started to create fidget boxes filled with an assortment of fidgets of different styles, shapes, textures and sizes for her friends and family. She realized how many people loved her boxes and decided to open Sweetest Fidgets so that even more people could fall in love with fidgets! She has been happily surprised by the amount of interest, sales and social media following she has gained since opening sweetest fidgets for the public. Understanding the benefits of fidgets for both kids and adults she made it her mission to put a fidget in the hands of every adult and child. Her hope is that her box will introduce each person to "their fidget", the fidget that makes them feel their best.
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