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    Hi I'm Charlie, illustrator and mama of three. I launched Fearless Flamingo in 2017 with a burning desire (and a kick from a great friend) to finally follow my heart and get back to my paints. But I also wanted to tap into something I've grown to feel very passionate about while watching my kids try to make sense of their emotions and feelings.

    ​I started looking at how I could combine the two, using illustration and imagery to encourage easy, everyday, positive expression for the way we feel and behave. I began by creating an alternative A to Z that went a step beyond the obvious, using a whole family of animal characters to represent an alphabet of positive words and attributes in a fun and engaging way, designed to appeal to both kids and adults alike.

    ​The name Fearless Flamingo was pinched from the 'F' in the A to Z series, not just because flamingos are fabulous, but because it's the one that resonates most with what I'm doing and the journey I've launched myself on. This is something I've always dreamed of doing and only now, after 15 years working in Adland and 3 babies down the line, had the confidence to explore. It was a happy coincidence that it also reminds me of the two most important little F's in my life, my kids - Flora and Fred.

    ​And so Fearless Flamingo was born!

    The Stand Tall, Fly High and Dream Big prints were the next to follow, focusing on inspiring words and phrases, bringing them to life with a host of more animal friends. I've since expanded the range to include typography prints all with the same aim in mind - to inspire and nurture a positive mindset and bring a little joy to your day.

    ​There is plenty more to come, my notebook and pad are bursting, and I can't wait to expand the collection. I'm also working on some exciting collaborations and commissions so if you have something in mind, I'd love to hear from you!

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