Happy's Hide-and-Seek! A Short Story

May 11, 2024by Learning Bugs

Happy's Hide-and-Seek!

Have you ever seen happiness? It's tricky, you know! Sometimes it feels like a butterfly, fluttering just out of reach. Other times, it's a warm hug from your favorite grown-up, making your tummy all fuzzy.

Today, Maya was feeling a little grumpy. Her favorite blue socks were missing (again!), and her best friend couldn't come over to play. She stomped around her room, kicking a stray teddy bear (not nice, Maya!).

Suddenly, a tiny giggle echoed from under her bed. Maya peeked under the covers and gasped! There, curled up with her missing sock, was a little creature unlike any she'd ever seen. It sparkled and shimmered, with wings that looked like rainbows and a smile that could melt glaciers.

"Who are you?" Maya whispered, tilting her head.

The creature giggled again. "I'm Happy! But everyone calls me Hap for short," it squeaked. "And why the grumpy face?"

Maya frowned. "My socks are missing, and Sarah can't play!"

Hap hopped onto the bed, his sparkly body leaving a trail of rainbow dust. "Hmm, sounds like happiness is playing hide-and-seek with you!"

Maya's frown turned upside down. "Hide-and-seek? But how do I find happiness?"

Hap winked. "Look for it in the little things! The sunshine on your face, the taste of your favorite snack, a silly song you love to sing."

Maya looked around her room. A ray of sunlight peeked through the window, warming her face. She remembered a bag of cookies hidden in her drawer. And then, a silly song about a dancing giraffe popped into her head.

A giggle escaped her lips, and to her surprise, Hap's smile grew even wider. "See? Happiness is hiding everywhere! Even in a missing sock!"

Suddenly, Maya remembered something. Her missing sock, the blue one, was Hap's hiding spot! He blushed a sparkly pink and sheepishly handed it over.

Together, Maya and Hap munched on cookies and sang silly songs. Maya helped Hap find a new hiding spot (not her socks anymore!), and soon, her room was filled with laughter and joy.

As the sun began to set, Hap hugged Maya goodbye. "Remember," he whispered, "happiness is always around you. You just have to open your eyes and look for it!"

Maya smiled. Her blue sock was back, and even better, she had a new friend! She knew now that happiness wasn't a butterfly to chase, but a feeling she could find inside herself, waiting to be discovered in all the little things around her.

From that day on, whenever Maya felt a grump coming on, she would remember Hap's words and look for happiness hiding in her day. Sometimes it was in a warm bath, a ladybug on a leaf, or a cuddle with her teddy bear (nicely this time!).

And you know what? Happiness always came out to play!

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