Childhood Dreams

May 10, 2024by Learning Bugs

With eyes that shine like morning dew, And laughter that rings clear and true, They skip and twirl, a joyful band, Children, the wonder of the land.

Small hands that grasp and hold so tight, A world to learn, bathed in sunlight. Curious minds that never rest, Asking questions, put to the test.

Imagination takes them far, Beyond the moon, a shooting star. Building castles, dragons slain, In castles built from wind and rain.

Tiny feet that leave a trace, Across the grass, a playful chase. Puddles splashed, and mud-stained knees, Adventures found in rustling trees.

A heart so pure, so full of love, A gentle touch from up above. For in their eyes, the world's reborn, A place where kindness takes its form.

So let them play, let laughter soar, These precious years we can't ignore. For children hold a magic key, To remind us how alive we can be.

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